Connecting social media influencers with businesses

On a daily basis, millions of pieces of content are shared on various social platforms. Social media is a powerful tool and has a huge impact on a consumer’s buying decision. Social Influencers is an exclusive network that connects businesses with prominent social media influencers. Utilizing the networks of our influencers, we deliver effective organic campaigns that increase online presence, brand awareness, and social interactions.

Influencer marketing focuses on specific key individuals who have influence over potential buyers. It positions marketing activities around these key people, reaching your specific target market. Social media can be viewed as another form of word of mouth marketing which has an enormous effect on the social networks the influencer is a part of. Social media is often a source of referrals and a place of inception for purchase ideas.

Our vision is to create a trusted network that connects businesses and top social influencers. We will ensure that you know what you’re paying for as a business and what you’re getting paid for as a social influencer.

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Social Influencers is a service that is provided by the digital marketing agency, 6S Marketing, who has more than 18 years experience marketing businesses and brands online.