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LinkedIn is the premier social networking site that is devoted solely to professionals – no other site gives you the opportunities to interact with influential business decision makers. Social Media Examiner reports that self-employed (79%) and owners of small businesses (79%) are more likely to use LinkedIn. This platform is optimal to market B2B products and B2C products given the special demographic that its users consist of. According to Marketing Profs, Linkedin beats out Twitter and Facebook in the number of B2B conversions by more than four times.

LinkedIn groups have discussion boards where users can post up articles or thoughts of interest. Through these groups, Influencers can attract your target demographic and directly engage with them.

Do you manage popular LinkedIn Groups and want to monetize your influence?

LinkedIn Influencers

Influencers: Discuss, Share and Get Paid.

  • Monetize your posts, by promoting brands you support.
  • Be the first to know about products, promotions, events and contests.
  • Earn additional commission and bonuses for improved performance.

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Brands: Increase your Social Engagement.

  • Reach your targeted audience through well-trusted LinkedIn Influencers.
  • Add credibility to your brand story with independent and trusted insights.
  • Achieve quantifiable results in referral traffic and promotion success.

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How does it work?

We connect our network of Influencers with brands that match their interests. Brands commit to a monthly media spend, and Influencers commit to a minimum number of posts, status updates and discussion board plug-ins.  By ensuring that both parties align properly, it creates a more organic campaign, coming from the voice of a trusted Influencer.

Why work with us?

Social Influencers offers a transparent monetization system, so you know how much your posts are worth. We have very high standards for selecting Influencers and brands, to build an exclusive network of the highest quality and largest reach. We tailor each package to the quantity of LinkedIn content and brand objectives. Most important of all, we make it easy for both brands and influencers to connect and transact.

By connecting top Influencers with like-minded businesses, we can work together to lead the social conversation. Have you ever asked yourself “How to become an LinkedIn influencer?” (and get paid) This is a great place to start or expand your network!

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