Tumblr Influence

Tumblr can play an important role in a brand’s content strategy – think of it more like an over-sized Twitter platform (but without the limitations of 140 characters). Tumblr’s popularity has increased along with the amount of time users are spending on the site – Tumblr has increased by 41%. With the demographics of Tumblr being mostly skewed towards the females 18-34, it provides a great platform for brands to reach out to this target market.

Does your Tumblr page have loyal followers and engaged fans?
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Influencers: Blog and Earn.

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  • Monetize your Tumblr influence, by promoting brands you love.
  • Be the first to know about products, promotions, and contests.
  • Earn additional commission and bonuses for improved performance.

  • Get more brand exposure and reach millions of followers.
  • Achieve quantifiable results in referral traffic and promotion success.
  • Enhance your brand image with authentic and personal endorsements.


How does it work?

We offer an exclusive network of interest brands and high profile Tumblr users. Brands and Influencers are aligned by interest group, ensuring that brands are speaking to the right audience and Influencers are promoting interesting, relevant content. Brands commit to a monthly medium spend and influence level. Influencers create blog posts that organically speak the message of the brand while promoting the desired themes.

Why work with us?

We offer a transparent payment system, which makes it easy to connect and transact. Our Influencers and brands are selection very carefully, to ensure high quality content, large reach, and relevant interests. We are the solution that brings together businesses and trusted Influencers.

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